Custom Ordering Information

Works for Sale

Various items are for sale and can be securely ordered on-line via my online store. Because all artwork is original and created only by Veenstra, some items may be out of stock and thus need to be re-created by Jim. The design will be the same, but each piece will have unique variations as it is individually worked by Veenstra.

Custom Works

All of the various types of E-scape Art Glass can be customized to your specific interests, sizes, and application. Commissions are welcome. Works can be shipped by various carriers, including UPS and Fed Ex.


All of the designs are James Veenstra original designs and are protected by copyright laws. If you have an interest in a different or varied design or subject matter, I would be happy to work with you to create a design specific to your interest. Original art work (new designs), however, generally involve additional fees. If you would like to be contacted, please e-mail me with your complete phone number including area code and time zone, or your complete e-mail address.


I also have available a digital slide show of my portfolio on a CD-ROM. If you would like one, e-mail or call me with your request and I will send you one.


The best way to communicate regarding new work is to speak with each other. So feel free to call me or provide your phone number. If you don’t reach me, leave a message and I will return the call. Thanks!

Custom Awards

High quality awards and trophies are available by custom order. These consist of various style glass, crystal, and granite pieces, and are appropriate for corporate or company awards, tournament trophies, and many other events.


Company logos, lettering, or custom Veenstra art designs can be sandblasted into the pieces. Because of the nature of these items, please allow at least 4 weeks for completion.


If you’d like to order, please contact me and be sure to include the catalog number of the piece you’d like customized as well as design or logo information. Prices do not include shipping and handling or custom artwork.


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