About the Sandblasted and Etched Technique






Carved and Shading

A sandblasted or etched glass image is any image which is created by using a controlled pressurized stream of abrasive from a specialized “sandblasting” system. The glass is covered with a special “resist”. The resist is selectively removed from the glass where the image is to be blasted. There are various techniques for doing this which allow a three dimensional image to be “carved” into the glass, in essence, a negative space sculpture.


There are also “shading” sandblasting techniques, which create the illusion of distance, depth, shadow, fog, clouds, smoke, and other creative features. Veenstra utilizes both the “carving” (or “stage blasted”) technique and the more free-form “shading” technique, either separately or in conjunction with each other. Each design is a Veenstra original, and in essence, an original sculpture.


Veenstra also utilizes “edge lighting” techniques which take advantage of the glass’ fiber optic light transmitting characteristics to create a striking lit image. The clear non-blasted surface of the glass transmits light, and only the portion of the glass which has been blasted comes to life with light in vivid detail, depth, and shadow.


There are limitless functional applications for the various types of custom “blasted” glass wherever the material is used: cabinet inserts, door windows, windows, shower doors, privacy panels, fireplace & stove glass, sidelights, lamps, signs, display panels, furniture, custom inserts to fill “porthole” spaces in walls between rooms, custom wall recessed inserts…….use your imagination.

Veenstra also creates original fine art utilizing sandblasting techniques, often combined with his sculpted molten metal and copper technique. These pieces are designed to hang on a wall or hang in a window.  These techniques in combination with one of a kind multi-colored art glass create unique Veenstra original art unlike any you’ve likely seen before.


Some pieces can be completed with high contrast background, such as black velvet, which creates a vivid and striking scene.


Veenstra’s artglass can also be encapsulated or thermo paned for exterior applications, such as in entry door windows and sidelights.


Pricing is based on the level of detail and size of each piece. “Carving”, or “Stage blasting”, requires a greater skill level and amount of time to successfully complete, and is therefore more expensive. “Shading” is less time intensive, and therefore, is less expensive than a piece which is “Carved”.


Each piece may vary in price, but in general, a “Carved” or “Stage blasted” piece will cost around $200.00 to $300.00 per square foot of image area. A “Shaded” piece will cost around $75.00 to $150.00 per square foot of image area. A composite piece utilizing both techniques, which yields a very dynamic end product, usually falls somewhere in between. Simpler surface etch techniques can be done for around $50.00 to $75.00 per square foot.


In general, custom glass generally costs from $75.00 to $300.00 per square foot.  Creation of new or original artwork has additional art development fees associated with it, and will vary depending on the complexity of the design.