About the Cut and Leaded Technique

Various terms (cut and leaded, stained glass, beveled) are used to describe art glass which is most often referred to as Stained Glass. Traditional cut and leaded glass, is usually a design or scene of some sort which is rendered in glass by comprising the scene from any number of individual pieces of glass which are cut into shapes and attached to each other by means of soldering either lead came, or copper foil, which encircles each individual piece of glass.


Beveled glass is glass which has the edge beveled, that is, it is ground and polished at an angle which enhances its light gathering, refracting, and reflecting characteristics. Beveled glass can be used in conjunction with other cut and leaded “stained glass”. It can also be used in conjunction with the copper overlay and/or sandblasted glass. Cut, leaded, and beveled stained glass is the most common and prevalent type of artglass.


What E-scape Art Glass offers, is custom work and service to fill your special individual design desires and needs.